A New Level of Shine

MountainShine is a combination of a revival of old school moonshine with modern sensibilities.  In essence, it is classy shine, a new breed of smooth mildly sweet shine that can only be described as elevated white whiskey.  We use a bourbon recipe and treat the white dog with love and respect, making it a whole new breed of clear spirit.  Why "Mountain Shine"?  Well, first of all it is made in the mountains, specifically at around 8000 feet in the Rocky Mountains near Pikes Peak.  Second, we don't need the MOON anymore.  The "moon" in moonshine referred to making it by the light of the moon, in other words, illegally.  We are modern and completely legal, so it is no longer "moon" shine....it is MOUNTAINSHINE!  Finally, we are a stone's throw from the wondrous Pikes Peak, called the "Shining Mountain" by native Ute People, so Mountain Shine form the Shining Mountain!  The name refers to the location, the history, and the elevation of the taste....it is a whole new level of shine!  ENJOY!